Garden Design Services

Our Garden Design Services' Portfolio
BT Landscaping is not just about landscaping and retaining walls. We specialise in a host of other garden design and maintenance services too as enlisted below.

Low Maintenance Gardens

Having a beautiful designed garden does not have to cost you a fortune. At BT Landscaping, we can give you the garden of your dreams at an economical price without compromising on quality.

Wondering if it’s too good to be true?

The answer is no. Given our bandwidth of operations, depth of experience, expert staff and latest technology, we can create landscape designs and execute them to suit a variety of budgets. If you are not sure how you can transform your plain backyard into a delight, give us a call and let our landscaping consultants guide you.

Instant Lawn

BT Landscaping can not only prepare instant lawns, we can lay them too! Instant lawns are pre-fabricated lawns that can be rolled out and laid down without the need for soil preparation.

While instant lawns are quick-fix landscaping solutions, it is important to remember that they are made from natural material only. Just like any other landscape type, instant lawns need regular maintenance and upkeep to retain their look for a longer time.

Artificial Lawn

If you like having a beautiful garden but don’t have time to maintain it, BT Landscaping’s Artificial Lawns are the way to go. Imagine having a lawn that needs no mowing, no fertilisers, no watering, no maintenance, but stays green all year long! Dreamy, isn’t it?

At BT Landscaping, we can customise your artificial lawn to suit the height, width, colour, grass blade width and grass variety that you desire.

Gone are the days when lawns and plants were watered by hand. With the advent of technology, lawn irrigation systems have evolved too. BT Landscaping offers irrigation systems with pop up sprinklers or under-lawn drip irrigation tubing to give you the ease and comfort of maintaining your lawn. We can even automate these systems leaving you without the worry of remembering to turn it on every time!

Stormwater (Affordable Stormwater)

BT Landscaping specialise in installing high quality stormwater systems. Whether you are looking for a wholesome drainage system for your new house or want to revamp the existing one, we can take care of it for you. Our state-of-the-art stormwater systems are OH&S compliant and don’t compromise the structural and engineering integrity of your existing system.

Our stormwater system services include pumping stations, sump and grate placement, strip drains, tank connections and rainwater harvesting amongst others.

Garden Maintenance
BT Landscaping undertake periodic, regular as well as annual garden maintenance activities, including:
  • One off garden cleaning and maintenance
  • Maintenance of your lawns
  • Maintenance of your trees and plants
  • Pruning of fruit trees, rose bushes etc.
  • Care of mulch garden beds
  • Plantation of annuals, bulbs, herbs etc.
  • Cleaning of paving and retaining walls
  • Upkeep, repair and maintenance of lighting and water features
  • Upkeep, repair and maintenance of irrigation and stormwater features
Give BT Landscaping a call today and let us deal with all the dirt while you enjoy a beautiful, lush green garden.

Lawn Mowing

At BT Landscaping, we offer the whole gamut of lawn mowing services ranging from one off mowing projects, to regular lawn mowing, fertilizing, pruning, clean up and maintenance. For a lush green, healthy lawn, it is vital to mow it regularly. As much as this is true, it is also necessary to know the ideal length to mow. Different grass types have different optimum grass heights for growth. It is recommended not to mow more than a third of the grass surface every mowing cycle.

Don’t have time to mow frequently? Outsource the job and let us take care of your lawn for you.

Holiday Watering
Going on that much awaited vacation?
Worried about your garden, your precious plants or your pets?
Fret not. BT Landscaping is here to help!
Not only will we water your plants and take care of your garden, we will even feed your pets for you. Talk about icing on the cake!
Give us a call today to get a quick no-obligation quote.

We provide concreting services for footpaths, driveways, kerbs and sheds. With BT Landscaping, you can choose from a variety of concreting options including coloured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, stamped concrete and stencilled concrete.

Paved outdoor areas are great alfresco garden extensions for family entertainment and those BBQ nights with friends. Paving can also serve as an alternate for driveways, patios, garden paths and courtyards. BT Landscaping offers paving solutions constructed from best quality material. We can even customise the paving to a traditional or a modern style to match the flow of your home.