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Landscaping Adelaide

We have been in the landscaping business for a long time. Given our depth of experience, there is no variety of garden or lawn that we have not worked on! BT Landscaping Solutions can not only create a landscape ideal for your home or building’s soil and gradient, we can style it to match the flow of your home. Additionally, we can also include water features, retaining walls, pergolas and fences, as well as drought-resistant, water-wise plants – you name it, we can do it!

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What the fuss is all about?

At BT Landscaping, we believe landscaping is an art and a science at the same time. While it takes an artist’s vision to design an aesthetically pleasing landscape, it takes skill and technical knowledge to determine the ideal landscape elements best suited to climate, season, and water availability on site. BT Landscaping’s team of experts are equipped with both! Give us a call to know how we can help you get the landscape design of your dreams that is functional, low maintenance yet pleasing to the eye.

Planning is the name of the game

Wondering how we manage to get it right every single time?

No, we don’t have a magic stick that we wave in air and give you your dream garden!

We are strong advocates of efficient planning as the foundation for a perfectly landscaped garden that matches the vision of our clients. We don’t impose our designs on you. At BT Solutions, customer always comes first. Our team listens to your requirements, assesses the technical structure and space availability, before advising you on a landscape design that best suits your needs.

With our attention to detail, latest design technology, precision in measurements and innovative yet practical design solutions, you can never go wrong with your landscaping project when you choose BT Landscaping!

Affordable Landscaping & Designs

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your lawn landscaped. Given our vast network of suppliers and expertise in optimising the choice of material, BT Landscaping can offer affordable landscaping solutions for even those with tighter budgets. Now that’s something to think about! Speak to our experts and get a no-obligation quote to make up your mind.