Please use the below contact form to contact us:

1Are you insured?
Yes we are fully insured with 25 million public and liability insurance.
2Should I pave or concrete?
Concrete can be cheaper and easier to clean, however Paving gives a more aesthetic finish to a landscape area. Paving is available in range of colours, textures, styles and sizes. Paving is also commonly used for garden borders and edges for their straight line finish which is widely desired in modern landscape construction. Concrete can be more expensive, and may experience cracks down the line.
3 Do I need council approval for retaining walls?
Only for when you're doing a wall that's 1m or higher. If that is the case we can get council approval for you!
4 Do you offer free quotes?
Yes! All our quotes are free. We will gladly come and have a look and see what you want and go from there. We also have free advice and ideas on any landscaping solution.
5What makes you different from other contractors?
BT Landscaping is unique in our aim to work with a customer at the stage or level they desire. We can help you get the project started with a design; we can complete part of the design or perform the full installation. We can work in stages, completing your landscaping in one year or over a couple years as fits with your schedule and budget.