Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Adelaide

Do you have a sloping block in your home?
Want to get a flat area designed for your car park or swimming pool?
Do you want to add a feature entrance to your children’s’ play area?
BT Landscaping’s range of retaining walls can help you create feature spaces using retaining walls that will be talk of your neighbourhood. Speak to our team today to find out more.

What are retaining walls?

Many Adelaide houses are built on terrains having sloping blocks. Retaining walls help level them out, adding structural stability, while at the same time giving an aesthetic appeal to your home or building. Furthermore, they can also be practical additional space solutions. Whether you are looking to add a feature element to your home entrance or want to create separate spaces in your backyard garden, retaining walls are the answer for you!

Our Retaining Walls

At BT Landscaping, we offer a vast array of retaining walls including :

Bluestone Rock
These retaining walls are ideally suited for giving a more formal look to your front garden. Low on maintenance, bluestone rock retaining walls can lend a long-lasting aesthetic appeal to your home.

Moss Rock
These retaining walls are more suitable for larger areas and are extremely economical to construct. Available in myriad sizes, moss rock retaining walls are often used in the back of the buildings to give a cut to a sloping block. These walls are less formal looking than bluestone rocks and come with plants and shrubs.

Concrete- Plain & Decorative – Sleeper
Concrete sleeper retaining walls are usually built as a fence base in between two sloping blocks. These serve a dual functional as well as aesthetic purpose. In places where the retaining wall is out of sight, concrete sleepers are built in plain material. For spaces where concrete sleepers will be visible, these are constructed in different colours to match the style of the building. At BT Landscaping, decorative concrete sleepers can be built in myriad face outlines to mirror sandstone, bluestone, slate wall look or wooden log look.

Concrete Block
Widely popular across the Adelaide and suburban region, concrete block retaining walls are ideal for feature gardens where multiple lawn areas need to be created. These are available in many colours and face patterns for you to choose from.

The BT Advantage

At BT Landscaping, we understand your home or building is your dream project. Consequently, we have built our portfolio to incorporate the latest in retaining wall designs and styles to give you wall feature that stands out.

Not only can we customise our services to accommodate your requirements, we can even include fencing as well as light and water features in your retaining wall. Our team comprises of landscaping experts who are skilled and well-equipped to guide you through the entire landscaping process – from design to construction, through to maintenance. If you are not sure of which retaining wall to select for your home, our landscaping consultants can even advise you on the most suited one according to the drainage system, soil type and irrigation facilities available in your building.

When you choose BT Landscaping for your retaining wall project, you can rest assured of getting the best quality retaining wall that will last a long time. Give BT Landscaping a call today to have your home assessed by our experts and a design drawn up subsequently for your retaining wall feature.