Bark & Gravel

Landscape Bark
Available in 10mm, 20mm, 40mm
Water Saver Mulch
Quarry Rubble
Red Gum Bark
Pine Chip
Pine Bark Mulch
Available in 7mm,10mm,20mm
Leaf Mulch
Forever Red
Forever Brown
Forever Black
Dolomite Sand
Dolomite Rubble
Crushed River Pebbles
Cream Metal
Available in 7mm,10mm,14mm,20mm,50mm
Blue Metal
Available in 10mm, 14mm, 20mm
River Pebbles
Available in 10mm, 20mm, 40mm


Quick Kerb
Continuous concrete kerbing with a number of pattens and colours to choose from


DNA Certified Sir Walter

- Maintains crisp green colour in summer and winter
- Fungus resistant and herbicide tolerant
- Good for backyards with dogs
- Quick recovery from wear damage
- Low water use, Drought tolerant
- low chemical and mowing requirement
- An easy all round lawn to maintain
- high quality appearance without needing professional care.
Nullabor Couch

- For full Sun
- Extremely Hard Wearing
- Drought toleran
- Pet resistant
- High thatch production
- Easy to grow
- Fine leaf warm season grass
- Quick recovery from wear and damage
- Easy all round lawn to maintain
RTF Tall Fescue

- Non invasive
- Great in full sun & shade
- Frost tolerant
- Moderately Hard Wearing
- Holds lush colour all year
- Can be layed all year round
- Deep root system
- No de-thatching required
- Tall fine upright leaf
Eureka Kikuyu

- For full sun
- Drought tolerant
- Hard wearing
- Low water requirements
- Thrives in SA's dry heat
- Great for high traffic area's


Butterfly Iris (Dietes Range)
- All round tough plant suitable for problem areas
- Evergreen foilage for all year round colour and screening
- Attractive form or foilage for all year interest
- Tolerates full sun and sandy,drought-prone soils
- can give year round lushness and colour in a shady spot
Baby Pete (Agapanthus Range)
- Baby Pete reaches a maximum height of 20cm with a tall long flower about 20cm
- It is drought tolerant and can be grown in full sun or part shade
English Lavender
Seaside Daisy